What I do, how I look, and what I own, is not WHO I AM!

In Numerology number 8 is the journey of Self Management, as we navigate our path through life and find our balance between our material and spiritual worlds.

I have always been attracted to deeper meanings, people without masks, and what lurks behind the scenes. The path of superficiality has never held much appeal, in myself or others. I have always believed that my meaningful life was more than I how I looked, what I owned, and what I did for a living.

Imagine my surprise then, after a number of years away from the office due to work in the metaphysical field, when I went through a period of unemployment and found my confidence plummeted.

I had never been unemployed or unemployable before! Aside from the first office job I applied for at the ripe old age of 17, which took me a couple of months and many knock backs to get. Since then, every job I applied for I got because I was very good at working. I took a lot of pride in my work! I had a great work ethic, loved to learn, and every role I held added to my work experience and skill-set. So, why wasn’t I getting the jobs I was applying for now?

This phase of unemployment was enlightening. It was a difficult time and a necessary challenge to become aware that my self worth was tied to what I do. Wow! And, I thought I was deeper than that.

I had also moved around a lot in terms of workplaces. This was beneficial in so many ways, though in other ways this time of being unemployed showed me how this might relate also to issues with commitment. Did I jump from one change to the other because of boredom, restlessness, escapism? And, I suddenly realized I had never really valued having a job before. It’s what we all do isn’t it, hate and complain about our jobs?

There is a saying, “ÿou have to breakdown before you can break-through”. I was a single mother. I had my elderly father living with us as well. I had a mortgage to pay and people to take care of. I needed a job and I wasn’t getting the jobs I was applying for. Yes. I had a number of little breakdowns during this time! But, I survived.

And then the breakthrough. Letting go of how I had subconsciously been defining myself. I was so much more than what I did. So, I returned to my positive affirmations. I returned to remembering all the traits, characteristics, and skills that made me an employable person. Instead of focusing on the job being advertised, I focused on the job I wanted. Where did I want to work? What type of environment did I want to work in? If I had to return to the office, what type of work did I want to do? What type of boss did I want to work for?

After that it didn’t take long at all. With my self worth up, I was now worth it to prospective employers. I ended up with two offers, and I took the one that paid less because it had more of exactly what I was looking for.

Life is not only about spiritual depth and meaningfulness. My phase of unemployment helped me find a new level of gratitude for my material world. If I cannot effectively manage my material world, I cannot survive or thrive, and I cannot support those who rely on me. If that’s the case, my spiritual endeavors are nothing more than pipe dreams that help no one at all. And, this leaves an empty feeling.

Similarly, if our focus is only on the material world, then who will you be when your looks fade, you retire from what you do for a living, and you lose what you own or it no longer holds the same value for you? A material life without spiritual meaning eventually drains you and leaves you feeling empty.

An empty feeling is un-full. A life without material and spiritual balance leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

Lots of 8 in your Numerology Profile? You may be too attached to your material world. Not enough 8s in your profile, or if you have any challenges with 8, then you may be too detached from your material world. Either way, you would benefit from any personal development that helps you explore and discover other aspects of your-self.

It’ a journey folks,

Michele Numerologist

(Mish Mish)