This struck me this morning, when I heard my business mentor say to someone else, “tell your clients how you can help them, instead of telling them what you do”…..

Bingo! My thoughts instantly took this path that took me back to how I found Numerology. I wasn’t looking for Numerology. I was looking for Me. I was a seeker of truth since my teenage days when I first began asking those important questions. “Who am I?”. “What is my life purpose?”. “Why am I here?”.

This curiosity started a journey in personal development that took me overseas for three years, led to a lot of new learning, and sparked an ongoing interest in metaphysical topics. I was attracted to Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Dream Analysis, Hand Analysis, etc., I undertook a lot of traditional and corporate training too that helped me improve in how I communicated, managed conflict, and solved problems.

By the time I found Numerology I had grown in many powerful and positive ways, but I still hadn’t found the answers to those questions I had been asking since I was that teenage girl.

Bingo! Numerology held the key. I clicked immediately with this ancient art, and I loved it’s practical application, deep wisdom, and terrific insights that showed me how to build lasting happiness from the inside out.

I am a Numerologist folks. I use Numerology to build your Personality Profile and Life Cycles Report, so you can see the road you are on, why you are on it, and discover how to navigate the landscape positively. I am a coach, counselor, and teacher, and I use Numerology to show you how to take those easy steps to happiness.

Life is a journey folks,

Michele Numerologist

(Mish Mish)