I have known Michele both professionally and personally for some years now…. Have been to vision board workshops but for some reason never had a reading done. Wow I received my reading yesterday and the depth and clarity just blew me away……. I cannot believe the personality traits that she nailed in me. And the advice that she gave in regards of my challenges etc. Words are not enough to describe. Huge thank you Michele. Amazing! Sally G.

Wow I’ve just listened to my reading and it was really very accurate. When you spoke the words ” I’m still standing” by Elton John I laughed so much as this song was one of my mums favourites and my sisters and I thought about having it played at her funeral but decided it was probably bad taste..haha!  Interesting though, my youngest son also loves it but he wasn’t born when she died and I took him to see the movie ” Sing” on Thursday and it’s in that movie and he said ” I love this song mum..lol Carly S.

That’s okay! Thank you so much Michele, I’ve listened to it twice today!! I love it. I feel like everything you said was exactly right for me, & I felt like I could relate to your son, we have similar traits! I was hoping you could possibly send me the Meditation of letting go & also the Dream Vision Board PDF if possible please, I’m very interested in them both & feel like they could both help me immensely. I’ve also written my list of my best fit guy & affirmations to go with it as well. Hopefully I’m on the right track! Denna H.

WOW…Michele that was amazing! Thanx so much for the Numerology reading that u sent me. It was AMAZING! You spoke so well so clear and was so on the ball with where I’m at. It is the focus and the clarity that I need to get me going in the right direction. Much appreciated. It was soooooo me on sooooo many levels.. Thankyou. Karen C.