It’s a story. This life, your life, it’s a story.

Number 3 in Numerology is ‘The Storyteller’.

We talked about this at Numerology Development Workshop a couple of weeks ago, “what makes a story great”? We discussed characters, the hero versus the villain, and more than a few of us mentioned the word drama. Of course, doesn’t any entertaining story always have plenty of drama!

So, what’s your story? What is the recurring theme in the story of your life?

Is your story about love, adventure, or a spiritual quest? Would you describe it as a story of struggle, a story about relationships, or have you spent your life standing up for the underdog, so your story is one of justice?

Think about your favorite movie, or your favorite book, or your favorite tv show. We are often attracted to stories that strike a chord and resonate with us. My story might be a little Eat, Pray, Love, and a little bit Bridget Jones Diary! How is your story best described through film or the written word?

Number 3 in Numerology is the journey of Self Expression. This is where we develop optimism, creativity, and a balanced perspective. How often have you thought about and talked about your story in a negative way, highlighting particularly the wrong turns, dead ends, and roundabouts?

There is another side to your story.

Take a moment to reflect on the main characters in your story. Who is the hero, who is the villain, and what role are you playing in the story of your life?

  • In Numerology the character of Number 1 is either playing the leading role or you are playing follow the leader.
  • Number 2 can play ‘the doormat’ who gets walked all over or you step into the role of diplomat and confront, console, and instigate peace.
  • Number 3 is the eternal optimist or the comic relief, or are you playing the sad and cynical character in your story? Whilst Number 4 can play the victim or take control?
  • Number 5 is courageous and free! Are you playing the rebellious role or playing the character who is too afraid to change, take a chance, or leave?
  • Number 6 can be the matriarch or the martyr! Whilst Number 7 is either the student embracing life with a wide and enquiring mind or the narrowminded recluse, who is shying away from it.
  • Number 8 is playing an empowered role or are you overpowered in the story of your life? Number 9 plays a role supporting others, so you are either making things better or you have become embittered in the story of your life.

It’s your story. You are the main character. Without you at the center of it all nothing else is possible. There wouldn’t be a story!

You write your story. You decide what type of role you want to play. You decide what characters you want to keep in your story. You decide what type of story you want to live. You decide on the ‘action’ that you take every day in your story. You are the author of the biggest part of your story.

Some of your story is being written for you, the plot twists that every memorable story has, may not always be in your control, but you can take control of how you react, respond, and weave that setback, challenge, or tragedy into your story so it just keeps getting better and better.

Remember, what makes a story riveting is not just the good times. Every story I have ever fallen in love with has had it all – laughter, love, tears, loss, betrayal, tragedy, triumphs, happiness, suffering, winning, losing, dreams coming true, worst nightmares being realized, getting up, being pushed down, and getting back up again, finding what you want, losing all you have…and so on.

So, if your story has all that and then some, I’d say it’s a bloody great read and a story that is well worth telling.

And, for a balanced perspective, think about your life’s story in the following way:

  • How have I learned from my story?
  • How have I changed for the better because of my story?
  • How has my story helped me to help others with a similar story?

Don’t take the free ride in your own life.

Celebrate it. It’s your life. It’s your story.

Light, love, laughter,