Big Vision Boards Workshop

July 7th 2018 at Skulpt Beauty & Wellness

Located at Wild Dog Winery, Warragul

Number 8 in Numerology is The Visionary, and before you can manifest your wildest dreams and your big visions, it is important to get really clear about what that vision is. Welcome to our first Big Vision Workshop for 2018 and get set for Michele Scott Numerologist to show you how to tap into the power and wisdom of your soul to build your Big Vision Board for the new financial year ahead.

Big Vision Boards Workshop

Imagine – Believe – Action – Receive

What is your BIG Vision for the next 12 months?

Where do you want to see yourself?

What might be blocking you from achieving it?

What are your challenges?

What are your strengths?

How do you bring it all together?

Do you have an action plan?

Do you ask yourself these questions and are not quite sure where to start?


Thank you for bringing abundance and direction into my life this year. Starting the year off with your awesome vision broad workshop is something I will take with me on my journey through life and share with others. You have so much to offer and the sky will open and offer you beautiful wishes in return! Keep believing!!



Thank you Michele for helping me to understand me, where I am where I am heading in a positive caring way. I will back regularly as part of looking after me.



Karen is in a Personal Year 3, and this brings a deeper connection to her inner child and she looks forward to increased and authentic self expression in creativity, performance and play.

This year is filled with vibrant colour and Karen’s vision board reflects this lightheartedness and spending more time growing her garden, growing with loved ones and growing through travel and new experiences in life. And, the heart in the middle of her board shows for Karen that LOVE is at the center of it all.

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You have spent many years taking care of others and now it is time to care and focus on YOU
  • You know it is time for change in your life but you don’t have any idea where to start
  • You have been through a life changing event and you are ready to start over again
  • You are ready to put those ideas you have been holding onto into action now
  • You have been stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out!

I would love to work with you and support you as you build your brand-new life!

Brooke has a Personal Year 7 and this returns her to SELF and what is truly important in her life.

Brooke’s vision board reflects her deep connection with nature and environment with heavy emphasis on family, home and great health and wellbeing.

This Workshop Aims to Show You How:

  • To organize, prioritize, and manage your desires
  • How to harness the Power of Affirmations, Visualizations, and The Law of Attraction
  • Create a beautiful collage that truly represents your heart’s desire
  • Activate your Vision by putting together an Action Plan, with actionable steps, that help you put one foot in front of the other towards your Big Vision when you leave the workshop
  • And how to Live on purpose and maximise your KIT (Key Indicator Traits)

Sally enters a Personal Year 1 this year, and feels empowered, independent and determined as she welcomes in new beginnings and a fabulous start to her next 9-year numerology cycle.

Sally’s vision board reflects her growing confidence and true values; connection and relationship with self, family and friends. Also, her new career in real estate, a long time passion for Sally, already heralds the start of her fabulous new beginnings…and this year Sally walks to the beat of her own drum.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Your own personal Numerology Life Cycles Reading
  • Plenty of space with creative and mind mapping tools to draw out your Big Vision,
  • Coaching tools and treasured time to create your own powerful Big Vision Board
  • You get to take home Your very own Big Vision Board to display proudly, and watch as it attracts your ideal outcomes in the months ahead
  • Connection with like-minded women
  • And lots of insights, inspiration, and lots of laughs.
  • Beautiful views of the Wild Dog Winery and surrounds
  • Plus afternoon tea!

Creating your Big Vision Board

You come together with other passionate and likeminded people to engage in a day that is enlightening, inspiring, and puts you on path and purpose to living your wildest dreams and manifesting your ideal lifestyle. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

9-Key Areas of Life

There are 9-Key areas of Life in Numerology speak. Which area of life are you ready to empower, invigorate and enliven?

  • Number 1.  This YOU at the center of it all,
  • Number 2.  This is your ROMANCE life,
  • Number 3.  This is your SOCIAL life,
  • Number 4.  This is your HEALTH life,
  • Number 5.  This is your TRAVEL life,
  • Number 6.  This is your FAMILY life,
  • Number 7.  This is your SPIRITUAL life,
  • Number 8.  This is your CAREER/VOCATION life,
  • Number 9.  This is your CHARITY life.

There are also 9-Key challenges that can hold you back from achieving your Big Vision. Let’s work on these too?

  • Challenge 1.  Self-Doubt
  • Challenge 2.  Anxiety
  • Challenge 3.  Inner Critic
  • Challenge 4.  Lack of Discipline
  • Challenge 5.  Fear of Change
  • Challenge 6.  Perfectionism
  • Challenge 7.  Trust
  • Challenge 8.  Money Matters

Come and get your coaching tools to remedy and overcome your Challenge Number, PLUS an active CUTTING TIES MEDITATION will guide you to let go of the old and welcome in your new Big Vision for the next financial year. Particularly, if you are a business owner in the Wellbeing or Coaching Industry.

By the end of our Big Vision Board Workshop,

*You will have your Coaching Tool to combat & conquer your personal Numerology Challenge Number,

*You will have compiled your step-by-step ACTION PLAN,

*And, you will know exactly what to do next.

You will have set your BIG VISION in specific areas of life,You will have created your BIG VISION BOARD,

*Workbook Provided*

Price $109 and if bring along a friend you both pay $99/each.

Only 10 spots available so get in quick!

Price includes canvas, all creative materials to create your masterpiece (paints, pens, stickers, images, borders, glitter, glue etc.) PLUS your Numerology Personal Year Reading!

Wonder where your next adventure lies?

Which area of life do you wish to empower and build into your Big Vision in the year ahead?