Our Wellness Community Presents

Held every month!
A sacred space held each month for women to gather, connect, share, support and inspire each other.

Our Wine & Wellness Evenings are one of a kind! … These sessions bring together Experts in their field, ladies who are leading the way in wellness of body, mind, heart and soul.

Held every month

  • If you are:
    *Looking for your tribe?
    *Looking to belong to a terrific network of awakened women?
    *Looking for your purpose, your path, your passion?
    *Looking for a fun night out with your lovely gal pals?

Come and join us.

It’s a great way to unwind after a another week of same same … to go away from our evening feeling very changed, very alive, and another step closer to being who you came here to be.

About Us

Something For Everyone!

Every Wine & Wellness Evening is different, yet what remains the same is the air of authenticity and the inspiring energy each of our Experts bring to the evening.

Every month our event is Jam packed with soo many pearls of wisdom, gold nuggets of divine insights & revelations, plus gems of goodness that you can only get from connecting, sharing and coming together in community.

At each event you can look forward to a different theme! Such a unique opportunity for self-understanding and personal development ladies. And, we invite other Leading Experts in their field to join our Panel and introduce their purpose, their passion and unique modality.

These other modalities and different perspectives bring to you an evening that is informative, insightful and inspiring.

You really must come along!

Wine & Wellness Evening



Highlights from Past Wine & Wellness Events

Wine & Wellness Evening, 01 02 19 …

*We created our Anti Vision Board

*Discovered our Numerology Personal Year Cycle for 2019,

*Learned about Crystals and Oils for life enhancing, emotional healing, and Chakra balancing…

*And were taken on a journey … Guided Meditation to ‘Cut the Ties that Bind’!

*Plus participated in a unique and terrific session of spiritual round robin … gained access to complimentary readings, healing, and manifesting tools!

Hot off the press!

Other Events in Our Wellness Community?


Our Wellness Day Retreats

Our fabulous Wellness Day Retreat is aimed at shining the light so you can find your way …

? …to your purpose,

?…to your gifts,

?…to the support you chose at a soul level and to those of us who are ready, here and waiting to help you rise …

It’s a day that will wake you up!

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Our Wellness Conversations

Our Wellness Conversations hold space each week for awakened souls to come into our broadcast and help us wake up too.

We invite these gifted ladies onto our show to tell us how they found their purpose and how it’s changed their lives?

Join us each week to meet an Expert in their field who shares with us their knowledge and experience, for wellness in body, mind, heart and soul.

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Our Mystic Corner

Here’s a fabulous space for Mini Readings, Oracle Insights and snapshot illuminations that can inspire, invoke, highlight and hopefully help you move forward a little somewhere or somehow in your life.

Held last week in the month and presents oracle guidance for the month ahead.

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