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Schedule of Events, 2019

Soul’ful Biz Mentoring

Join our conversation Ladies!
And you will learn more from Michele Scott, Soul Journey Facilitator & Karina Francois, Naturopath, Thought Leader & Entrepreneur about solid and soulful foundations and crossing the Ts and dotting the Is in your holistic biz so you can soar in the right direction and kick those wellness goals!


Monday, 15/07/19, 8pm-9pm

Soul'ful Biz Mentoring

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Soul Journeys: Past Life, Fears, Clearings!

Join Michele Scott, Soul Journey Facilitator & Margaret Ioannidis, Spiritual Healer for these enlightening and fabulous sessions that teach and help you to discover your Past Life Fears, understand their current influences and clear it away so that the powerful energy that remains can be utilised to achieve your Soul Purpose in this lifetime.

Monday, 05/08/19, 8pm-9pm

Soul'ful Biz Mentoring

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Ladies, this is our Best Seller!
At each event we create a unique and inviting space for you to unwind in after your working week and receive much needed and well deserved retreat, relaxation and rejuvenation…

We aim to inspire, inform and enlighten …

Your ticket includes:
πŸ’œ Complimentary glass of wine on arrival &
πŸ’œ Tasty Cheese platters …
πŸ’œ Wellness Talks & Inspirational Speakers
πŸ’œ Safe space to connect and commune with like-minded-souls…
πŸ’œAccess to soul purpose, life direction & self awareness tools
πŸ’œPlus every month we have some form of Oracle Conversations!

Our Panel of Inspirational Speakers each month is different ladies so don’t be shy. Groupies are welcome at our event!

Friday, 19/07/19, Start @ 7-10pm

Wine & Wellness Evening