Special Event

our wellness day retreat


We would love to invite you to our very first ever …

‘Wellness Day Retreat’!

Sunday, 26th May 2019

Envision this …

For those of us who may be time poor and/or don’t have the additional cash to allocate to a week-end or week-long retreat, here’s your chance to receive the same big feelings of awesomeness with a lot less cost to you –feelings of rejuvenation, inspiration and fulfillment.

We are planning a Soul Purpose kind of day for you. An awakening. It’s already begun to stir deep inside you sparking thoughts such as; why am I here? what am I meant to be doing in this lifetime? what’s holding me back? who am I? and what is my unique gift and talents that I bring to the world?

Our sacred day will cover:
*Your Primary Life Purpose
*Your Key Personality & Aspects of Self
*Healing Your Past Life Fears, and
*Your Arrows of Individuality

Envision this …
You ease into our glorious day through the delight of your senses at Our Wellness Bar …

*Essential Oils Aroma Bar,

*Herbal Tea Tastings Bar,

*& ‘The Oracle Bar’… for your complimentary one-card Reading!

In The Bloom Room after this, you can expect your morning to be filled with mindfulness, meditation and self-discovery, followed by a restorative session of Yoga before lunch.

Tickets to the event are $119 and includes…
*Healthy lunch,
*Cheese & Fruit platters
*Coffee, Tea, Crystalized Water, etc.

But wait. There’s more!
Ladies, we love to collaborate so we have invited some Special Guests to come on board this event too. Topics these lovely ladies will cover:

*My Health Is My Wealth; How to build health in lifestyle, money and your soul business for inner wealth and outer prosperity (by Karina Francois Naturopath)

** Stay Tuned for further updates on our Special Guest Speakers **


Lots of tools and therapies to get you started, keep you going, and show you how to take your soul’s purpose to the next level.

Is it your time to bloom?

If 2019 is your time to bloom ladies, then Our Wellness Day Retreat is a perfect fit for you.

*If you have had enough! Ever heard that saying … “what the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly!” If you are a Lady who is ready right now for profound transformation then our retreat is the beginning of your time to bloom.

*If you have already begun to wonder what’s next? And you have been holding a strong desire for change and a bigger vision for a purposeful life, then our retreat is the beginning of your time to bloom.

*If you are tired of holding back your personality, turning your back on your gifts, and playing small in the world, then our retreat is the beginning of your time to bloom.

Yes. It is. Your time to bloom.
Come and join us ladies.

Yes! I’m coming!

Yes! I’m coming!

Sunday, 26th May 2019

Tickets $119

*Entry to the Event …Plus,

*Healthy lunch,
*Cheese & Fruit platters
*Coffee, Tea, etc.

Looking forward to seeing you there ladies.