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… a fabulous space for mini readings and snapshot insights that can inspire, invoke, illuminate, and hopefully help you move forward a little somewhere or somehow in your life.

Join us for wellness in mind, heart, body & soul!

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Introducing Kerri Wearing, Psychic Medium Investigator

Kerrie Wearing is a psychic medium who serves developing mediums to strengthen and expand their connection to Spirit, so they can enhance their readings and be the successful and confident mediums they are meant to be.
She is a pocket rocket! 5ft of Love & Spirit with over 20 years experience serving Spirit and those who need answers, guidance and Mediumship mentoring.
Kerrie Wearing is also the author of A New Kind of Normal: Unlock the Medium Within and Wisdom of the Soul: How to live life created with love and inspiration.
Kerrie lives in Sydney, Australia, loves to travel plus she is a not so secret Country music fan.
Learn more about Kerri and LIKE her Page here ladies…

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About Our Wellness Community…

This is a growing space on Facebook ladies and the gathering place for all of you who are attracted to health and wellness in body, mind, heart and soul. In this space we connect with like-minded-souls to share, support, learn, teach and help each other. Simple. Together everyone achieves more. Oh…we have a lot of fun in here too!

Some of the innovative, interesting and fun things we are doing in this space include;

*Our Wellness Conversations
*Our Wine & Wellness Evenings
*Our Mystic & Wellness Parties…

*Our Mystic Corner

Lots going on.
This is an awesome, awesome space and we would love to have you on board. Ps: If you are in the Biz come and be part of our massive movement. Lots of opportunities to share your passion, spread your message and do what you love to do. Help, inform and inspire others!??

Light & Laughter,
Our Wellness Team …