Numerology Course Starter Pack!


Numerology is an ancient art and the science of Numbers!
It is based on your date of birth and full name at birth, including your middle name, and it’s an insightful, enlightening and intuitive modality.

Michele Scott Numerologist presents the magical modality of Numerology!

Here’s where you meet, greet and get to know the Core Numbers in Numerology … from ONE to NINE.

*Learn how to compile your own KIT (Key Indicator Traits) and discover how you be in 9-Key Areas of Life and 9-Key Aspects of Self.

*AND … Learn how to compile KIT Chart for others and begin to READ like a Numerologist …

Here's what you get out of the Starter Pack...

Here’s what you get out of it for You.
*It’s an illuminating pathway to self-understanding,
*It’s a fabulous modality for life improvement,
*It’s a tool that also helps you understand others …
Here’s what you get out of it if you want to use it in your Biz!
*It’s a powerful and profound modality to heal your clients,
*It’s a tool that takes you straight to the heart of the matter,
*It’s a method that is easy to learn and yet the depths of truth, knowing and understanding go deep …

But wait, there's more!

In this Starter Pack there are 9-Sessions plus a Bonus Session.
In each session you learn about the core numbers in Numerology from ONE to NINE and begin to compile your KIT (Key Indicator Traits).
In each session you are also introduced to 9-Key Areas of Life and 9-Key Aspects of Self and begin to learn how to interpret, blend and READ the numbers.
The bonus session includes Master Numbers.
STARTS Saturday, 04 05 19 @ 11.00am.

In The Starter Pack…

The Core Numbers in Numerology are a Personality, A Journey, A Characteristic and A Challenge … come and explore their heights and their depths for growing better in life..

You Learn:

*How to compile your own KIT (where are your strengths & weaknesses?).

*How to compile KIT Chart for others (what are their strengths & weaknesses and how you can benefit from this for optimum relations with others..?)

Plus …if you want to add another tool to your Healing & Reading gifts ladies, you can begin to READ like a Numerologist from the very first session of Numerology Starter Kit! …

*Oh, and also gain access to me, my tools and my skill as a Numerologist!

I have been in this business since 2003 ladies. I know my shitte! If you are drawn to this modality, as I was all those years ago, then you must get on board.

This is an insightful, intuitive and enlightening modality and it will not only shine the light on you, your path and your purpose, but will also shine the light on loved ones and give you a better understanding of how they be in the world. When you know better, you do better …

**Bonus session will include MASTER NUMBERS**


Numerology Course Starter Pack