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Our sacred space and online wellness center for growing better in body, mind, heart and soul has grown to its new level!

Ladies, we can proudly offer you a more intimate connection and relationship now with our wellness community, and guess what?

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There are still lots of freebies and benefits for our wellness community members, but, for access to new and additional products & services we are asking for a new commitment ladies.


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      • Subscribe for only $11/month & you gain immediate access to:
  • Discounts on our Wellness Events
  • Free access to Online Wellness Talks (new)
  • Free access to Oracle Conversations & Readings
  • Free access to SuperSoul Group (new)
  • Plus 12-Month Complimentary Numerology Forecast Report when you join.

Ps: Free Members can still gain access to the above sessions for $9.99.


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We still have plenty of free opportunities for our amazing community of gifted ladies to share their story, their message and their wellness Biz, but, if you also subscribe for a closer relationship with us, here’s the full extent of our fabulous and unique offer.

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      • Subscribe for only $44/month & we help you GROW your brand and your audience in Our Wellness Community:
  • Entitled to all the benefits of a Subscribed Member!
  • Plus Featured on our Website in our new Collaborator space,
  • Announced in Our Wellness Community & supported each week on Collab-Two-s-Days to Spruik & Promote your biz!
  • Opportunity to step up onto our Speakers Stage at our Wellness Events,
  • Plus, present Wellness Talks in our private Webinar Zooms!
  • Our Collaborator Platform also includes an invitation to join our Wellness School (new). Create programs with our wellness community or pop your existing programs into our space to reach a wider audience,
  • And, if you are also an Author and Writer you can utilise our wellness blog and our wellness shop to share and sell your wares.

Ps: Collaborators who don’t subscribe can still elect to present Wellness Talks & be invited onto our Speakers Platform but there is a nominal fee to speak.


Become a Wellness Partner!

This is a very personal touch and close relationship with our wellness community that’s aimed at helping you grow your brand, your biz and your audience in our community, your community and the wider world beyond!

      • This offer is a very affordable hourly rate ladies so enquire now to qualify for your complimentary Biz assessment!
  • Entitles you to all the benefits of a Subscribed Member & Collaborator!
  • Plus additional One-On-One Social Media & Marketing Support!
  • Includes your Soul’ful Biz Analysis – Numerology Reading for you & your business name!
      • Social Media support that aligns with your brand and engages your audience.
  • Starts with strategy & a marketing plan (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Content audit & creating branded content*
  • Scheduling posts & email campaigns
  • & Community management
  • Plus Blogging…
  • & offers support with Online Programs, Podcasts & LIVE Events.

Yes! Your Social Media Package is tailored to suit your budget and your business …


Why Subscribe?

Our Wellness Community offers our FREE Members theme days and a host of special occasions that enlighten, inspire and inform. There’s terrific value and a lot of fun to be found in our online space.

So why subscribe?

We are a fast growing and creative community so it’s not uncommon to hear us say, “but wait, there’s more!” From hereon, “the more” that we have to present and deliver to you ladies, now has a small price tag on it so you get an even bigger portion of that slice that is soul-some and grows you better in mind, body, heart and soul.

Namaste, Michele … Founder & Facilitator.

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