Our Wellness Community

We are all in this together!

Our Wine & Wellness Evenings

An evening for women to gather…
? And connect,
? Make new friends,
? Learn about yourself,
? Hear inspirational speakers,
? Get an insightful reading,
? Have access to the healing arts,
? +Life purpose, soul direction & self-awareness tools
Our Mystic & Wellness Parties!

Our Mystic & Wellness Parties!

Gather a group of lovely ladies in the comfort of your own home and book us to provide you with for a fabulous occasion of insight, readings and fun.

Our Mystic & Wellness Parties

Mystic Reading

Our Wellness Conversations

Every week we talk to an amazing woman who has taken her struggle and turned it into her story and a service, and we hear how she uses this to live a meaningful life and add value to the world.

Come & join us!

Our Wellness Community Mission Statement:

Our aim is to promote a community of wellness that inspires, informs, illuminates, and initiates profound change in all who participate in it – those who join our group, those who contribute and those who attend our Evenings and/or Events. In our wellness community everyone grows better and everyone leaves our presence with the gift of being more aligned with the very best version of themselves they can be.