Are you ready to experience a new way of BEING in the world? What if you could learn how to build life experiences that were peaceful, loving, and happy? Would you be interested?

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Have you been there and done that? Have you signed up for wellbeing classes, attended retreats, and had a reading or several over the years but, still have no idea what you want or what your purpose is? Do you dream of a more full-filled life and experiencing that same excited, inspired, rush of adrenaline that you felt in that wellbeing class or at the end of that amazing retreat? And, what if you could feel like that every week?

Stay tuned because I’m about to introduce you to NUMEROLOGY COACHING CLUB, a private portal especially designed and created to help you find your purpose, ignite your passion, and keep that awesome retreat feeling going.
When I think of the support Michele Scott gave me in my coaching sessions I still feel her strength and her patience. Michele’s concepts had me step out and start fluttering those wings. She helped me see my scars in life as my warrior stance! At times, I listen to the recordings to re-establish where I am headed and what numbers enhance my life. She helped me find my key and unlock that door. I couldn’t have worked with a more authentic person whose passion is really about getting behind you to help you grow to your place. Thank you Michele, I am forever grateful. Jodie M

I have been where you are at right now. I know what it’s like.

For years I wondered who I was, where I was meant to be, what was I supposed to be doing? I also wandered from one self-help class to the next self-help class looking for enlightenment and the key to happiness.

I found a lot of information, not made simple,

I found a lot of information, not tailor made for me,

I found a lot of information, not broken down into easy steps that I could take to build lasting happiness from the inside out.

Let’s face it. A lot of the information out there is just impractical!

I got there, but it was a long journey and a lot of time, effort, and money spent in the pursuit of enlightenment!

If only I had found NUMEROLOGY sooner! If only I had found a COACHING CLUB like this where I was shown exactly what to do and how to build those new life experiences FREE OF WORRY, ANXIETY, and OVERWHELM.
I am a huge fan of Michele’s work and have been blessed to work with her several times now.  Each occasion involved several leaps in my personal and professional growth and I am excited to work with her once again this year in her online business development course. Melissa Mills

Likeminded Souls Healing Therapies

How would it feel to take that self-development journey? To be guided through step by step to discover your life purpose, your passion, your potential in life?

And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune?

And you don’t have to dedicate years and years to discovering it all as I did?

Enlightenment is not the end. It is the journey. It is lighting up what isn’t visible now and doing something amazing with it so you can BE better, HAVE better, and DO better.

 This understanding 25 years ago would have been very handy for me to know!

Back then I thought Enlightenment was the destination. I would have it all figured out when I finally found it. I would finally be happy!

It wasn’t until I found Numerology that I realised life was a cycle, a journey, and along the way we are presented with opportunities and challenges to become more enlightened and grow better in life. Or, we could remain where we are, but these cycles continue just the same. Over and over, and over again. And, that’s when things finally started falling into place.
Wow! I am blown away by your reading yesterday. Every single thing you said made perfect sense and was me to a tea! A lot of things make so much sense to me and how to move forward. You have inspired and motivated me to move forward with my business that I have been ‘stuck’ with for nearly 2 years because of my low self esteem and not believing in myself. Definitely time to do a vision board! Thank you so much for your insight into ‘past lives’ too…it all makes so much sense! I am so excited to get started again and get out of my rut. Thanks again. Kelley Mawdsley

Are you ready to reap the rewards of my extensive experience and practice in Numerology and Personal Development folks?

Numerology Coaching Club is not expensive, it is not fancy, and it’s certainly not rocket science!

It is however a very useful, supportive, and easy-to-understand online tool for self-help that is tailor made for you, and guides you through one step at a time showing you how to build lasting happiness from the inside out.

OK, so here is what I’ve created for you…

Numerology Coaching Club

Once you have joined The Club you gain access to a private portal where each month your Numerology Coaching Pack arrives. Each Pack contains a video class, broken down into bite sized chunks for you, plus a workbook, and at various times templates, bonuses, and other resources to grow better in life.

 It’s not complicated though. Your Numerology Coaching Pack is brought to you in a user-friendly and light-hearted way so you can absorb, process, and then practice what you learn in a fun and creative way.

This is how I think with a Life Path 9 in Numerology:

I have always wanted to help others. Always. Through Numerology I found the way. I have created many courses, classes, and programs. This program is a club and an ongoing membership, so I am so pleased to say I can offer it to you for far less than you would pay over the course of a month for your chai latte/day.

This is good Karma for me folks!

Check out your first 9-Numerology Coaching Club Packs and what you can expect to address, develop, and learn in your Numerology Coaching Class:


Learn how to Compile your Numerology KIT (Key Indicator Traits),

Learn how to build your BIG VISION, break it down, and action plan it,

Learn how to align your LIFE PATH NUMBER with your Big Vision,

Discover your Hidden Passion, Karmic Lessons, Achievement, PLUS your Personal Year Number …

And so much more of your Personal Numerology Profile!

Discover lessons in Confidence, Love, Independent Thinking, Constructive Mind Tools, and Letting Go.

This is just to name a few of the many tools, tips, and strategies you will have continued access to when you join Numerology Coaching Club.

Ready to join?

Membership is $25/month. No joining fee. No contract. You can opt-out anytime you like.

Come on. Let me show you how to take those Easy Steps to Happiness!

Oh, I almost forgot, you’ll also be allowed into:

Our SECRET Facebook group,

With live calls from me in here once a month,

I’ll often be talking Numerology,

And giving you heaps of Numerology insights in-to-you!

 Ok. There it is. That’s my sales pitch folks.

If you want in, click and sign up!


Hi Michele, I have just finished listening to my numerology reading that you did for me, I found the reading amazing and it all resonates so well with me and I feel that it’s just so spot on, it makes so much sense and it helps me to understand myself so much more. I feel like I have just been given most of the answers that I have been searching for, for so long, I feel relieved that I know what my next step is, and that is focusing on my inner self and inner world. I can’t thank you enough for it and for the guidance you gave me and I really appreciate that you took the time to explain things more to me during the reading. I really can’t wait to learn so much from you Michele. Kerry Anne

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