Numerology is an ancient art and known as the science of numbers

You look at others and wish you could be more like them.

They look confident, happy, at ease with themselves.

You feel inadequate.

You are full of unrealised potential, unfulfilled ambitions, and pent up passion! And, you are wondering where all the years have gone?

This is not where you thought you would end up.

You dream of a different life. In love, in health, in career; you dream of change, you want to change, but don’t know how to change.

Your personal Numerology Reading charts your life’s journey; how often have you wondered why you are here and what you are truly meant to be doing in life?

Discover: your life purpose, recurring challenges, ideal career, you-nique talents, your hidden passion, heart’s desire,  opportunities & important cycles in life, PLUS your true personality; what inspires, motivates and drives you in life? Curious? Are you ready for your Numerology Reading then?


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Numerology Readings

Numerology is an intuitive, inspiring, and insightful modality for self-understanding, life improvement and life direction.

It is based on your full name at birth and birth date details.

Numerology provides you with profound insight into your personality; discover your KIT (Key Indicator Traits) along with your Challenges, your Hidden Passion, your Balance Number, your Life Cycles and so much more.

Numerology can show you how to:
• Build a new inner life,
• Improve your self-worth,
• Change and challenge negative thinking,
• Learn and utilise self-help tools for managing stress, anxiety & depression,
• Reconcile and heal past issues and build lasting happiness from the inside out.

This is an exercise in self love; your Numerology Reading is a life builder and gives you practical tools and the step-by-step guide you need to make-over, do-over, and re-boot your life from the inside out.

Pythagoras, mathematician, believed everything and everyone in the universe could be defined and explained through numbers. He is accredited as the father of western Numerology.

Numerology is a tool and a method for personal development, self-awareness and understanding your life’s journey. It answers those often asked questions, “who am I?”, “what is my purpose in life?”, and, “what is the meaning of life?”

Numerology can show you how to grow better in life!

Ready to book your reading?

Yes! I'm ready to book my reading.

Numerology Readings

Your Numerology Profile shines the light on your strengths, shows you how to maximise your opportunities, and points out many ways to overcome challenges and convert your weaknesses into traits, behaviours & skills that further develop and empower you.

Did you know that this modality maps your path in life!

In this constant changing landscape of life a better understanding of yourself, your life’s journey, and cycles in life means you become enabled, empowered, and actualised. When this occurs you can then surf the waves of those ups and downs rather than feeling disabled and drowning in the daily onslaught of tasks, information and personal relationships.

I am Michele Scott Numerologist and I have been reading for my clients for almost 15 years. I also have over 25 years experience in personal development and this is combined with corporate, counseling, coaching, and other metaphysical tools I have tried and tested over the years to create my own unique Numerology Coaching Program.

I have always been passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world. Deep down I know you want to find your passion and make a difference too.

I can support you in all the changes you are ready to make in your life as I have done for many, many others.

I’ve been lost too; I have experienced bullying, alienation, social shyness, anxiety, grief, heartbreak, single parenting, unemployment, just to name a few, and I teach, coach and heal from this foundation of personal experience to show how you too can grow better not bitter in life.

Let’s create your own unique personal profile & chronicle your life story.

Wouldn’t you love to feel complete and FULL-filled?

Your Numerology Reading targets 9-key areas and supports each area with life improvement tools, healing therapies, and strategies on ‘how to’ do, be and have better in life.

Learn how to be better at:
1 – Making decisions
2 – Teamwork
3 – Communication
4 – Time management,
5- Problem solving
6 – Conflict resolution
7 – Analysis & learning
8 – Managing material resources
9 – Healthy boundaries

Are you ready?

Make a commitment to your-SELF.
Without YOU in your life nothing else is possible! yet most women direct all their time, effort and energy into building better lives for everyone else but themselves.

This builds resentment and leaves you feeling empty – your cup is unfilled – unfulfilled.

“WOW…Michele that was amazing! Thanx so much for the Numerology reading that u sent me. It was AMAZING! You spoke so well so clear and was so on the ball with where I’m at. It is the focus and the clarity that I need to get me going in the right direction. Much appreciated. It was soooooo me on sooooo many levels.. Thankyou.”

Are you ready to book your reading now, ladies?

I would love to read for you and show you my easy steps to happiness!

This is how you grow better in life folks!

Michele displays deep insight into people, being able to use her intuition and experience to add a deeper layer to the reading and really get to the heart of the matter. Meredith S.

Numerology is a vibrant, exciting and addictive topic, and in learning a little you will be inspired and driven to learn so much more. Numerology is a powerful initiator for positive thinking, positive actions and positive behaviours and serves as a handy GPS unit for those needing to find or be returned to the right track in their lives.

Let's hear from Kelley!

“Wow! I am blown away by your reading yesterday. Every single thing you said made perfect sense and was me to a tea! A lot of things make so much sense to me and how to move forward. You have inspired and motivated me to move forward with my business that I have been ‘stuck’ with for nearly 2 years because of my low self esteem and not believing in myself. Definitely time to do a vision board! Thank you so much for your insight into ‘past lives’ too…it all makes so much sense! I am so excited to get started again and get out of my rut. Thanks again!”

We all yearn for something ...

We all yearn for something … the ideal partner, the rewarding career, the fabulous home, the perfect family, great friends, more money…

Some yearn for fame…

What about the inner stuff? Are you yearning for this?

1-self confidence, do you want to learn how to believe in yourself??

2-self love, do you want to learn how to nurture yourself??

3-self expression, do you want to learn how to express your feelings, your creativity, your true self??

4-self discipline, do you want to learn how to plan, prioritise, and act in your own best interests???‍♀️

5-self discovery, do you want to learn how to go with the flow, and how to feel the fear & do it anyway??

6-self appreciation, do you want to learn how to love your self inside and out, unconditionally??

7-self awareness, do you want to get to know and understand yourself & find your own inner truth??

8-self management, do you want to feel empowered & learn how to be the architect of your own life??

9-self sacrifice, are you ready to live your meaningful life & learn how to give something up in service of the greater good…?

Let's hear from Sally!

I have known Michele both professionally and personally for some years now…. Have been to vision board workshops but for some reason never had a reading done..

Wow I received my reading yesterday and the depth and clarity just blew me away……. I cannot believe the personality traits that she nailed in me. And the advice that she gave in regards of my challenges etc. Words are not enough to describe
Huge thank you Michele. Amazing!

Yes! I'm ready to book my reading.

Numerology Readings