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Number ONE is the beginning. Let's start here.
Here’s what the course is all about!

This ancient art of Numerology is a modality that has long been used to understand ourselves and others better. It is a tool for self development, self awareness and self help.

If you have found yourself here it is very likely that you have been keen on this topic for some time, or, you have been searching for something more in your life and the quest for that answer has led you here. As it did me, many years ago.

This is an online course for beginners in Numerology. It is self paced, user friendly, and easy to understand. There are no pre-requisites for this course. Numerology was founded by a Mathematician but you don’t need to be one to do this course. You are guided through one step at a time.

Just bring to the course an open mind, a desire to change, and a curiosity to learn this insightful, inspiring, and intuitive art.

In Numerology, Number TWO is about partnership
This is how I will be supporting you throughout your learning experience.

This Numerology course for beginners is delivered to you online. It is a combination of video introductions, audio tutorials, and PDF workbooks. You will need a computer, laptop, etc. as well as access to the internet.

You will access your course via a secure Login on my website once signup and payment has been received.

We work as a partnership throughout your Numerology online beginners course so if there are any questions or queries you can email me for further clarification and/or support.

Number THREE = Community, friendship, fun and play!
Come and join my online Numerology community.

Further support is provided to you online through my Numerology School learning community, and in this private circle you will find like-minded people and other students to discuss the course with. You can mingle, share ideas, experiences, etc.

In this learning community I will also post further tips, thoughts, and insights into Numerology as a modality for self development and life improvement.

In Numerology Number FOUR loves detail.
Now here’s where you get to see exactly what you will learn?

Meet the main characters

In Numerology every number has a personality and every number is an integral part of a cycle that begins with ONE and ends with NINE.

Check the 9 areas of life in the numbers grid above!

There are a number of areas in your Numerology profile, though first you must understand the key players from numbers 1 to 9.

As follows, you will learn about:

  3. I am CREATIVE
  9. I am GENEROUS

What’s in my KIT?

There are three modules in this section. KIT stands for Key Indicator Traits and here you start learning how to calculate the numbers, how to allocate your KIT as per the numbers grid above, and you learn what the individual numbers actually mean in their balanced and unbalanced states.

  • First module you learn the how the characters of 1 to 3 apply in KIT.
  • Second module you learn how the characters of 4 to 6 apply in KIT.
  • Third module you learn how the characters of 7 to 9 apply in KIT.


Learning how to interpret & read your KIT

This is your first practice module where I begin to teach you how to analyse it, blend it, and bring it all together! We have lots of fun here ?

Meet the supporting cast and learn your:

  • Hidden Passion Number – this is what inspires and motivates you. Let me show you how you can do more of this!
  • Balance Number – this is your emotional safe haven and here you learn what you need to do to feel that inner sense of peace, calm, and balance.
  • First Key – this is the kick start you need to get going again. Learn this number and you hold the key to opening those new doors in life.

It’s a wrap folks!

As we wind up we have another practice session where I show you how to incorporate the supporting cast in your character analysis, and I give you additional tools for life improvement and personal development. Oh, and there might also be a quiz or two along the way just to test your knowledge and keep you on your toes folks!

In Numerology Number FIVE is change
This is more than just a course in numbers!

This course introduces you to a new and different way of doing things in life.

  • You will discover a NEW mindset.
  • You will discover a NEW attitude.
  • You will discover a NEW way to BE and HAVE in life – i.e. a new way to BEHAVE.

 Your Numerology KIT targets and develops 9-Soft Skills that can help you do better in life!

1 – Independent Thinking

2 – Conflict Resolution

3 – Communication

4 – Organisation & Time Management

5 – Problem Solving

6 – Empathy & Listening Skills

7 – Intuition & Analysis

8 – Initiative + Motivation

9 – Values System

As you take the learning journey to understand this ancient art of numbers, along the way you will discover, recover, and uncover yourself.

As Oprah said, “when you know better, you do better”. Numerology illuminates, and it shines the light on your strengths, shows you how to overcome your challenges, and points you in the direction of your passion so you can pursue what you love to your heart’s content.

Number SIX is a teacher; let’s hear from others who have worked with me.
Here are some testimonials.

Looking back over the last several months I am in a place I would never have been if it wasn’t for your beautiful gift and presence in this world. I am doing so many things now that I always told myself weren’t possible for me or I wasn’t good enough. Every day is a new gift of ‘ bring it on what can i achieve today’! I’m actually living life now not just existing in it… Amanda Ingham!

When I think of the support Michele Scott gave me in my coaching sessions I still feel her strength, her patience and concepts had me step out and start fluttering those wings, she helped me see my scars in life as my warrior stance! She helped me find my key and unlock that door I was to afraid to look behind. Thank you Michele, I am forever grateful xxx Jodie

I was looking for some help in how I processed things in my life, why the patterns I was creating kept repeating over and over….I felt I was in a dark space for me. I started Michele’s coaching program. Since then, I’m more aware of my patterns and how to create new paths. Michelle R.

Number SEVEN has depth so it’s time for a deeper look into the story of ME.
Introducing Michele Scott Numerologist…

As a young adult I was a seeker of truth; I was curious about life’s deeper meanings and always enquiring about my place in the world. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “What is my life purpose?”

I didn’t go looking for Numerology. I went looking for me.

This search took me on a journey that led to faraway places; I spent 3 years in London, working and backpacking around the world. During my four months in India & Nepal, a new path opened up psychologically, philosophically and spiritually for me. My belief system, attitude, and mindset that became the foundation upon which the rest of my life would be built began here.

I was always interested in people too; attracted to counselling, charity, helping others, and fuelled with a strong desire to make some difference in the world.

I have over 25 years of personal experience in self help and personal development. I have studied formally at Australian College of Metaphysical Studies, Visionary Spiritual Institute and Inner Voyage College. I was an avid reader, thirsty for everything I could find that may contain the answers to the questions I had been asking. My informal studies range from books, to pivotal people, and a number of mentors who suggested, informed, and helped move me along to the next puzzle piece until I found Numerology.

I bring all these colourful experiences to my Numerology readings, my courses, and my coaching program, along with many years of corporate training in communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

When I discovered Numerology the questions I had always asked began to be answered. Numerology was enlightening, reassuring, and educational. I found so much wisdom through this modality for life improvement. I discovered why I attracted those recurring themes, and similar types of people and experiences. I also discovered what my ongoing challenges were and how to prevent them from continuously returning to my life. You too can understand yourself and your life’s path better by undergoing this course in Numerology.

My courses and coaching programs have helped clients shed past issues and then shed weight; they have resolved and reconciled emotional blocks and then experienced advancement in their personal and professional lives. Through self development, using Numerology, clients have found peace in mindset and then experienced this same peace in their household and their relationships. They have also discovered self love and then shortly afterwards attracted the right lover into their lives.

This really happened folks.

I have been honoured to share this with my clients over the past 14 years, since I took that first step many years ago and began to study this ancient art of numbers called NUMEROLOGY.

In Numerology Number EIGHT is the money maker.
How much does Numerology online learning modules cost?

PAYG – Pay As You Go

You pay per module. In Numerology online course for beginners there are nine (9) modules. Each module is $29.00 each. There are no joining fees or ongoing fees. You learn at your own pace so you pay only for what you use, and you pay as you go.

In Numerology Number NINE ends the cycle that began with one.
Let’s sum it up!

I love turning people’s lives around and helping them grow better, happier, healthier, and wise.

Thank you so much for your interest and enquiry into Numerology Online Course. If any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. Or, complete and submit Enquiry Form below.

I look forward to sharing your Numerology learning experience with you!

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