1 ... Strengthen your Super-Self!

There isn’t any muscle that is stronger than self-belief. When you have healthy self-esteem and a strong sense of self no-one else can put you down or beat you up. This is your first step to learning how to ‘fight like a girl’. Write a list of all your achievements, all your successes, and all the things you truly love and admire about yourself. Build your self-belief by focusing on what you do well, get better at things you don’t do well (and want to do well at), and discard the rest. If it can’t be changed, get better at acceptance.


2 ... Fine tune your intuition

The feminine is armed with innate intuition, use this gift to ‘fight like a girl’. There are many ways to get to what we want and to get to where we need to go in life. If you can’t get there directly, be observant, be open, and be ready for the opportunities that may seem like the long way around but end up being what we call, “great timing”. Take the subtle and tactful approach and heed the saying, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.


3 ... Find your tribe…

There is safety in numbers and mutual understanding when you connect with like-minded souls. Friendship is important. When you are surrounded and supported by others who know what you are going through, because they have been there themselves, it is reassuring. It makes you feel less alone and instead of hope-less you feel hope-full. Any FULL feelings lead to fulfillment, and when your cup is full you are better equipped to ‘fight like a girl’.



4 ... Prepare your body

Poor health leaves you with little strength to ‘fight like a girl’, so nourish your physical body every day with foods that you make feel good. Think about foods that are easy to consume, tease and tempt you, and taste great, but leaving you feeling bloated, nauseous, and sick. Why are you eating more of these? Now think about those meals that may take longer to organise and prepare, but taste even better (because it’s healthy and/or home cooked!) and leave you feeling pleased and satisfied (not bloated). Eat more of those!


5 ... Face your fears!

Women take on so much! These days we juggle the lot – family, work/career and/or business, romance, social life, health commitments…just to name a few. So, I know you have what it takes to face all those small fears. Confront your fears and you’ll get better at ‘fighting like a girl’. Most of our fears are irrational and aren’t based on prior experience, logic, or fact. Write a list of all your fears, particularly those fears that are preventing you moving forward or doing something right now that would make you really happy. How do you confront your fears? Just do it.


6 ... Love yourself, warts and all!

The only person who has been through it all with you, from birth till now, is you. It is only you who truly knows who you are, inside and out. You don’t need to explain or describe it. You know it, you have lived it, you are where you are now because of it. This is your life. You have the starring role. Without you in your life nothing else is possible. Start now. Loving yourself unconditionally. Because, when you become your own best friend, your self-talk will change, your attitude will change, your life will change. And, those changes will help you begin to ‘fight like a girl’!



7 ... Trust yourself, no matter what!

If you don’t trust yourself, why should anybody else trust you? Stop letting yourself down. Start looking for ways to trust yourself. Build a better relationship with yourself. Who are you? What do you like, want, need, in your life? What is your life purpose? Make a commitment to know and understand who you are and honour it every day. When you know yourself and to yourself you are true, you become so much better at ‘fighting like a girl’.


8 ... Put together a plan.

If you don’t have a game plan how can you ‘fight like a girl’? Think about where you are at and where you want to go. A plan gives you something to focus on. Something to look forward to. Something to strive towards. Otherwise, life becomes very dull, destructive, and life-less. Break down your plan into smaller steps and take those small steps every single day until you get there. And, when you get there, make a new plan for the next leg of your journey. This is how you learn, this is how you grow, this is how you get better and better in life.


9 ... Define healthy boundaries…

If you are trying to please everyone you will probably find at some point that no-one is pleased at all, least of all you. Stop doing that! If you want to ‘fight like a girl’, use your power of empathy and understanding to identify the problem, the solution, and the best way to implement it so that it is fair and just for everyone concerned, including you. Heed the saying, “Feed a man a fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life”. Stop giving and giving in, when the return on that investment isn’t helping them or you!


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