It’s time. Let’s get out of the online world and back to reality ladies!

Come along for reconnection to your-SELF, to your fellow human beings, and to this fabulous modality and ancient art of NUMEROLOGY.

This is a monthly event and will be held Casey Corporate Centre, 58-60 Victor Crescent, Narre Warren.

I fell in love with Numerology in 2004 and it has been my faithful companion ever since helping me help myself and helping me help others.

It was the answer to the questions I had been asking since I was a teenager.

“Who am I?” … “Why am I here?” and,… “What is my purpose in life?”

If you too have unanswered questions, about your-self and your-life’s journey, come along to our Numerology Development Group.

At each workshop you will learn:

*little more about Numerology,

*little more about you,

*little more about how to BE better, DO better, and HAVE better in life!

The core numbers in Numerology are ONE to NINE. These numbers take you on a journey to develop 9-Key aspects of self and 9-Key aspects of life.

  • Number 1 helps you develop confidence,
  • Number 2 helps you develop sensitivity,
  • Number 3 helps you develop optimism,
  • Number 4 helps you develop responsibility,
  • Number 5 helps you develop resilience,
  • Number 6 helps you develop understanding,
  • Number 7 helps you develop trust,
  • Number 8 helps you develop humility,
  • Number 9 helps you develop gratitude.

Come and discover where you are empowered and where you are disempowered. There are challenges and opportunities in all profiles. The key to moving forward and living your ideal life is found in how you overcome the challenges and maximise the opportunities that come your way.

  • There will be music,
  • There will be readings,
  • There will be often be special guest speakers sharing their craft/expertise,
  • And, you will take-away from every workshop Coaching Tools, Tips, Techniques that will…


Oh, and there will be lots of laughs and lots of new people waiting to befriend you, sooooo….

Book your spot today! and please bring a small plate to share

You Investment is $25 pre-paid –Pay here:

Numerology Development March 2018

Numerology Development Group