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Welcome to Michele Scott Numerologist presents:

Hi everyone,

So here it is. Reset. Hopefully, from hereon I have time to deliver these to you every month.

Your Personal Month Readings for August. Click on link below.

Ps: I forgot to say in the Podcast, “Master Numbers don’t apply to your Personal Month Readings”, so if you end up with 11 or 22 simply add together to get 2 and 4 ok.

Pps: If you want to jump ahead to your own personal reading; fast forward to 4.35 for Number 2, 7.06 for Number 3, 9.59 for Number 4, 12.10 for Number 5, 14.34 for Number 6, 18.17 for Number 7, 22.48 for Number 8, 27.09 for Number 9.

Personal Month Readings - August 2018

by Michele Scott Numerologist