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Your Challenge Numbers…

Over the course of your long life you will encounter four challenges. You must meet, accept and overcome these challenges time and time again. Especially when you transform from one phase of maturity to the next, each time you are ready to evolve into the next best version of yourself your Challenge Number will rear its ugly head.

In these instances be excited, very excited! about all that’s new and emerging just for you.


The duration of the First Challenge usually lasts from birth until approximately the age of 30 to 35.


The Second Challenge usually lasts until the age of about 35 to 55/60.


This Challenge carries much weight and will be felt throughout your life. For that reason, it is also called the Main Challenge.


The Fourth Challenge is most strongly felt during the latter part of our lives, beginning at the age of approximately 55/60.

Here’s how you work it out!

  1. The 1st Challenge Number is the difference between the month and day of birth.
  2. The 2nd Challenge Number is the difference between the day and year of birth.
  3. The 3rd or Main Challenge Number equals the difference between the 1st and 2nd Challenge
  4. The 4th Challenge Number is the difference between the month and year of birth.

Note: Subtract the lessor number from the higher number to get a result and then keep adding those numbers together until you are left with one digit between 0 and 8.

So …

Challenge Number ZERO can struggle with practical matters,

Challenge Number ONE can struggle with Self Belief,

Challenge Number TWO can struggle with Sensitivity,

Challenge Number THREE struggles with an Inner Critic,

Challenge Number FOUR struggles with letting go,

Challenge Number FIVE struggles with control,

Challenge Number SIX can struggle with perfectionism,

Challenge Number SEVEN can struggle with trust,

Challenge Number EIGHT can struggle with money & material matters.

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Your Personal Year Reading 2019

How to work out your Personal Year Number?

  • Add your date of birth to your month of birth plus universal year 3 (2+0+1+9=12, then 1+2=3)
  • If you are left with two digits, add those together too until you are left with one digit.
  • Eg: if you were born on the 31/12/1980 then: 3+1+1+2+3=10, and 1+0=1.

Each year and from birthday to birthday a new cycle enters your life. This is called your Personal Year Number. It shows the direction your life will grow towards during that year, the type of circumstances you will attract, and the opportunities you have to define, refine, and address specific areas of life and aspects of self.

Click on the tabs below for a brief description of your Personal Year Number for 2019.


Number 1 – feeling motivated!

Journey of Self Centredness:

PERSONAL YEAR 1 is all about new beginnings.

It is the start of every new relationship, new job, new home, new idea, new venture or new resolve.

This year you can grow in confidence, raise your self esteem, become more self assured and learn how to believe in yourself. This is the fertile ground for planting seeds that grow a stronger sense of self and becoming more self-centred. Number 1 initiates. This is your time now; during this phase you feel empowered, daring, and charged with much inner strength to pave your own path.

There are many opportunities to take the lead and speak up for yourself this year, and if you do you begin laying solid foundation that will positively support your next 9-year cycle. If you don’t however, of if the energy elsewhere in your profile is under or over-balanced then you may experience conflict, battle of wills, bullying, confusion, and self doubt.


Number 2 – feeling loved.

Journey of Self Appreciation:

In PERSONAL YEAR 2 you can get better at how you handle your personal relationships.

Sensitivity is high, you can use this to become more aware of where others are at and how they feel, thus growing in empathy, understanding, compassion. On the other hand, you will also be more sensitive within yourself; you will FEEL more acutely, mentally, emotionally, physically. This can help you become more self aware, and the space is there to also improve your relationship with yourself.

This phase is all about how you relate to others. Relate well to others through diplomacy, respect, and calm communications and you will discover and experience much love and a deepened sense of connection to people around you – family, friends, lovers, acquaintances, people in general. On the other hand, if you don’t grow into this phase with the enthusiasm to learn new skills you may find it full of conflict, misunderstandings & emotional wounds. PERSONAL YEAR2 is about partnership so this time is ripe and ready to strengthen existing successful partnerships or find partnerships that serve you very well for the longest time.









Number 3 – feeling excited!

Journey of Self Expression:

PERSONAL YEAR 3 draws towards you all the experiences you need to get better in how you express yourself.

This is an emotional year. If you are not normally driven by your emotions you may find yourself being more so this year. And, if you are already an emotionally person the environment will deliver to you many opportunities to grow better in how you handle yourself in this area. 3 is a real people person.

As you develop your skills on a social, creative and emotional level your ability to relate to people, influence people, and bring people together increases as well. Phases of 3 attract both the highs and lows in life, and if you accept these occurrences as a natural part of human life you can decide for yourself which perspective or outlook your prefer – positive or negative – and trust that this is the direction in which your year will grow.


Number 4 – feeling strong!

Journey of Self Discipline:

Your PERSONAL YEAR 4 will focus on your health, your home, and your physical life.

This year brings the opportunities to grow in discipline, determination, and steadfastness. It’s time to commit! This year you have more drive, more persistence, and more focus to apply yourself to your goals than any other year, so be clear on what you want to strive for and what you want to complete. Any positive changes and/or desires to improve your physical life can be made during this time.

This is a great time to tear down the old and build new foundations in your life that will better support future  lifestyle ambitions. On the other hand, if effort isn’t applied during this time to bring plan and organisation to your environment then you may find life becomes like groundhog day. Repetitive, boring, and relentless hard work without anything in it for you.


Number 5 – feeling curious ?

Journey of Self Discovery:

PERSONAL YEAR 5 is the opportunity to expand, broaden and transcend in your view of the world, of others, of yourself.

This is the time where you discover the only limits are those you impose upon yourself, and it is the perfect time to revisit beliefs, attitudes, and traditions that may have outgrown their usefulness in your mindset and your life. 5 is the lesson of freedom, and whether true freedom is cultivated from the inside out or found in escaping your reality somehow or through some means on an outer level.

You can expect the unexpected this year! In order to become more flexible and adaptable in life you are presented with sudden changes and many opportunities to overcome obstacles and solve problems. If you accept these challenges you can expect to self-develop in many positive and powerful ways and into a better version of yourself, inside and out. The key here is to hold on to what’s worth holding onto, let go of everything that has expired, and be prepared to trust in the chance you are faced with. During PERSONAL YEAR 5 you may not know where you are going but you must trust in knowing that it is time to leave.


Number 6 – feeling content.

Journey of Self Love:

Your PERSONAL YEAR 6 brings the focus back to unconditional love, and to truly accept the shortcomings of others we must first accept these imperfections within ourselves.

This phase of your life will centre on relationships and where your responsibility lies in terms of family ties, connections within friendship, acquaintances, community etc. To grow in the qualities of this number, as counsellor, healer, teacher, you attract the situations that need such skills so you become more understanding, more negotiable, more heartfelt. This is the time you lead with your heart and not your head. Instead of trying to be right, be open to new information that may sway your view and/or opinion. Instead of being critical and judgemental during this time, use sound judgement to change your perspective, alter your outlook, and focus on ways to resolve the dispute or issue. And, instead of blame, be heart-full instead of heart-less and you’ll find a better understanding of the people involved in that situation.

PERSONAL YEAR 6 asks you to revisit your expectations and make the necessary adjustments so it becomes easier to live with yourself and in turn, with others. Often it is our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and others that is the real cause of our disappointments, downturns and unhappiness in life.


Number 7 – feeling introspective.

Journey of Self Awareness:

PERSONAL YEAR 7 is a year to revisit your inner world and decide again on who you are and what life is all about for you.

This experience is a journey in meaning, and as you search for yours you will be more drawn to solitude, study, and contemplation. It’s a time of analysis. After the heartfelt journey of the year before this period digs deep into the depths of your soul and does so through the course of your mind. You grow in wisdom, deep understanding, and self-awareness through flashes of insights, inspirations and moments of intense illumination. Your dreams are more vivid during this time, intuition and sensitivity is heightened, and the synchronicity you feel with nature and man leaves you speechless.

This is a very soul searching and spiritual experience and you can expect to be awakened in some way during this mystical time. If focus is not returned to the inner world in a PERSONAL YEAR 7, and instead you continue to escape into the meaningless and superficial aspects of life, then you may attract experiences that knock you right off your feet and drag you begrudgingly back to where your true purpose lies.


Number 8 – feeling empowered!

Journey of Self Management:

This is the year of progress, momentum and moving forward. If the work was done the year before in your PERSONAL YEAR 8 then the seeds are already planted that come to fruition this year.

You can grow in management skills this year, becoming a better leader, growing your ability to plan, action, and execute the steps needed to start, run and complete things. This is a great phase for career growth. You feel more empowered, more efficient, more capable. You are on top of the world and can look down on your creations knowing you have the power to manifest your wildest dreams and knowing exactly how to do so.

This is also the time though that you realise the delicate balance between material and spiritual riches and rewards. Material success without spirit, i.e. gained by what you do, what you own, and how you look, is eventually an empty reward. It is UNFULL-filling. And, spiritual success without the material , i.e. you turn away from monetary pursuits and operate only at and with the metaphysical level, eventually winds up nowhere. It becomes motion-LESS. Any journey of 8 reminds us that we are spiritual beings living a human incarnation, and when the two aspects of what we are unite we can change the world in all the right ways and become FULL-filled. Conversely, money and material matters can be a major issue during this time if due attention hasn’t paid in this area in previous years.


Number 9 – feeling nostalgic.

Journey of Self Sacrifice/Service:

PERSONAL YEAR 9 completes this 9-year cycle you have been through so this is an excellent time to clear up, clean out, and discard all that isn’t useful or being used in your life. Think about beliefs, behaviours, attitudes, and lifestyle. What’s working and what’s not? Keep everything that is working positively and everything that has a negative impact in your life, i.e. relationships, situations, routines, make the choice to delegate to the dump pile.

There is a power and conviction inside you this year, a determination to re-evaluate what’s important and what’s not and live in true accordance with that. You revisit ideals, ethics, morals, integrity this year and better align who you truly are with what you do and what you truly believe in. Service, social work, and charity catch your eye this year and you take steps to become more involved in your wider world and how you can contribute to making it a better place.

This is also an emotional year, as it is a time of completion rather than new beginnings, so you are likely to encounter some sacrifices that need to be made and some bridges that you need to build simply so you have some passage over to the other side where your new way of life awaits you.


Your Personal Year Number & Chakra System

Numerology & Chakra System

Chakra (meaning “wheel, circle”), is any center of subtle body believed to be psychic-energy centers in the esoteric traditions of Indian religions.

The concept is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. They are conceived as an energy focal point, bodily functions or psychic node in the subtle body (Wikipedia).

1 – New beginnings, time to grow in confidence and personal power. Resonates with Solar Plexus Chakra.

2 – Unites with others, this year you attend to personal relationships. Resonates with Heart Chakra.

3 – This is a time for self expression, resonates with Sacral & Throat Chakra.

4 – Builds foundations in all areas of life and requires consistent effort. Resonates with Base Chakra.

5 – Attracts change and helps you grow in new directions in life. 5 is also a communicator so can resonate with Throat Chakra or Crown Chakra for broad and expansive thinking/view.

6 – All about love, this year focus is on family ties, responsibility & commitment in relationships. Resonates with Heart Chakra.

7 – Time out, and more time spent on self, study and deepending your understanding of life and self. Resonates with Third Eye & Crown Chakra.

8 – A period to grow in how you manage your material resources. Focus is on work, money matters and spiritual-material balance. Resonates with Base Chrakra.

9 – Check your ideals this year, also about endings and how you can serve greater causes in life. Resonates with Crown Chakra.

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