There are always two sides to the story!

This paragraph occurred to me many years ago and I found it again recently, “when life is down on you and there seems no solution to the problems you are experiencing, turn your attention outward & GIVE your time, energy & being to helping others. A simple shift in what you focus on shifts the negative thinking, the negative feelings, and provides a clear path for a positive solution to come shining through”.

I love the Number 9 in Numerology. It is the journey of sacrifice and selflessness, and asks us to lead by example. Number 9 is broad-minded, tolerant, and asks you to put yourself in the other persons’ shoes. I have a Life Path 9, so it has always been easy for me to see things from the other persons’ perspective because no sooner had I judged them than I found myself literally, “in that very same situation”.

I remember judging parents before I had a child! I remember judging MY parents before I had a child. This is a good example of being ‘in the other persons’ shoes’ and in walking that same path I soon learned that things were not that easy, or were quite different to what I originally thought.

Have you ever noticed that when we tell our stories we are always the good guy or the hero? It is usually somebody else’s fault and we place the blame elsewhere.

When you can see things from a different perspective you get a different view, and in that changed viewpoint enters new thinking, new feelings, and a new attitude. Often just that shift in what you focus on can change everything.

This is enlightenment. When the light shines and we become aware of the part we play in our own dramas. This is the first step to growing better in life. This is liberating and leads to profound change.

I love that page on Facebook called Humans of New York. The founder of that page has built an empire that began very simply by taking a photo of a person, adding their story to it, and then posting on Facebook. This has given the rest of us rare insight into the lives of others all over the world. People from all walks of life. It has become an amazing movement. It began with his passion for photography, and has become a fabulous community that unites rather than divides people. When you hear the story of others, and get to walk in their shoes for just a little while, something in you changes.

It is understanding. It is knowledge. And, when you know better, you do better.

It is so easy to get caught up in our own lives. Our own daily drama. When we are lucky enough to hear the story of others, often in situations that are much worse than ours, it is like a spark breaking through that shines the light on what is real and what truly matters. Again, it simply changes our perspective. And when perspective changes, everything else does too. Usually for the better.

It is ok to feel what we are feeling. It is important to express what we are feeling. However, if we stay in those downturns and disappointments too long it’s not good for our wellbeing. It’s not good for lasting happiness.

So easy steps to happiness for me is to direct my focus out after too much time focussing in. When I look for ways to help others the gift in return for that is it how it helps me too. It’s really hard to remain in a sad state of mind after giving others the gift of your time, your effort, or your presence. Why? Because it feels really good to help others.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and there really are many easy steps to getting there.

Michele Numerologist.