1-you drive your own development!

In Numerology ONE stands up and demands to be counted. Look around you at who’s getting ahead and who’s not. If you hone in on the characteristics of those moving ahead of you it is likely you will find that ASSERTIVENESS skills are a key ingredient for self-development and being ‘seen’. I remember when I first learned I was placid-aggressive. Due to a lack of ONE energy in my Numerology Profile I would tend to let others walk all over me and then eventually flare up at the injustice of it all. That enlightened moment led to assertiveness training, and I haven’t looked back since!

2-look around for help along the way

In Numerology TWO is about teamwork. Look around you. Who can help you? Who can guide you? Who can you speak to about your self-development? Usually in the corporate world your Manager can be utilised for helping you identify ideal pathways based on your skills, your attributes, and your desires. Be proactive in surrounding yourself with people who are like-minded and equally ambitious to grow  in life. Nurture your talents and your support system in the workplace.

3-keep the conversation going

In Numerology THREE is a talker, so look around for opportunities to talk about what you want in life. So often I have found the next step in my self-development simply through talking to people. In that conversation, where you are both telling your story, an idea is born, or a referral is shared, or help is offered to you. Don’t be shy. Getting ahead in life is based just as much on our ability to connect with others than it is on our skills and what we know.

4-plan for today AND the future

In Numerology FOUR is the task master. Again, look around you. Ask others about their personal and professional goals. I know you will find that those moving forward in life have consciously thought about where they are, where they want to be, and how they are going to get there. If you fail to plan, then you plan on failing! Put a plan in place to continuously self-develop in life rather than living that groundhog day, day after day, doing the same thing and somehow expecting that things will turn out differently for you. They won’t!

5-be resourceful and enterprising

In Numerology FIVE is a trailblazer! I heard something like this on the TV today. “To cope, you and I worry our way through our life”. Worry is a coping mechanism. Worry is an unhealthy habit. Worry is a meaningless routine that your mind monkey indulges in and amuses itself with over, and over, and over again. Don’t be a worrier. Swop the E for an O and become a warrior instead. Worry is a trigger. What’s it pointing to? What is the real issue. The big problem? Focus on that. Focus on becoming better at solving stuff, rather than just worrying about it.

6-be self-critical and self-appraise

In Numerology SIX has a real eye for beauty. Turn your eye inward and appraise yourself, regularly. What do you do well? What can you improve on? Seek ways to become better and more beautiful in life from the inside out. Be pretty. Pretty kind, Pretty loving, Pretty forgiving. We all have admirable characteristics and we can all further develop those characters through regular practise in the direction we want to grow.

7-look for learning opportunities everywhere

In Numerology SEVEN is the student whose cup is always empty. You can’t fill a cup that’s full! A mind that thinks it knows everything isn’t open to anything new. This mind grows narrow, grows limited, and eventually grows bored. To keep self-developing and growing broader in life be open to new ideas, new trains of thought, and new ways of doing things. When you do this, you create new neural pathways in the brain that lead to positive physical changes and attract new experiences and situations into your life!

8-ensure your goals are captured in a Big Vision

In Numerology EIGHT is a facilitator. Facilitate your own success in life. Join groups that focus on self-developing. Sign up for self-improvement courses. Befriend people who are also self-developing and wanting to grow better in life. Behave your way to success! I know in the corporate world, If you want what they are having you better do what they are doing to get it.

9-when you self-develop and develop your-self you grow a better you and a better future!

In Numerology NINE is idealistic. Who is your ideal self? Who do you admire? Why do you admire them? Single out the qualities that you admire and see if you don’t already own some of those same qualities yourself. And, whatever you haven’t developed yet, those are the qualities you can now strive towards and put on your plan for the next stage of your self-developing.