Our Wellness Community

Founded & Facilitated by Michele Scott Numerologist

Growing better in body, mind, heart & soul!

2019 Ladies … our time to bloom!!

I did Michele’s 6 week “soul life coaching” course via Zoom as I am not a resident of Australia. Every Saturday Michele and I spoke for an hour and I just knew after the first session I had found a perfect coach in Michele. Michele is so warm, friendly, compassionate and caring but never once allowed me to wallow in my “pain”. She lovingly acknowledged it and then guided me to see things from many different, much more positive angles – every time without fail I came away from our sessions feeling fabulous and on my way to a fantastic new life. Vicki Erceg

Michele Scott Numerologist


OWC is an online Wellness Centre – a fast growing and sacred space! – created to unite niche wellness practitioners with like-minded souls and all those who yearn to grow better in life in body, mind, heart and soul. It’s a collaborative effort in here ladies and we aim to teach and learn, to inform and inspire, and to create and have lots of fun. We have so much going on! You really must join us ladies so you can hear some more.


Ladies, we have fabulous & fun real life events – Wine & Wellness Evening plus Wellness Day Retreat – and also our online wellness webinar events. Everything presented by our wellness community is aimed at show casing all our talented, gifted and experienced Collaborators & Contributors, AND providing a space where our guests and audience can access easy tools to grow better in life.


Here’s another terrific portal to store all our valuable wellness events, products & services ladies – because there is so much heart and passion in all we do as wellness practitioners – and our wellness community is absolutely thrilled to be able to package it up and sell it here on behalf of all our Collaborators & Contributors.


Our Collaborators & Contributors have in-depth knowledge and experience in so many therapies and wellness tools that we had to build a platform they could easily sell and school prospective students from. This space is growing ladies and we envision it will house many courses & programs that can educate, inform, inspire and be of great practical use to all who are drawn here.

A big THANK YOU from Our Wellness Community for being a big, beautiful part of a phenomenally supportive and thriving community……702 members…amazing 😀 !!!

The generosity is real ladies and for supporting and growing and thriving in this community.

This community is a success because of you lovely ladies coming together to support everyone involved here … Gemma Rose