Learn easy steps to happiness!

Learn easy steps to happiness!

As your Numerologist I can you help you do-over, make-over & start again!

Michele Scott Numerologist

What I Do


I always wanted to help others. I always wanted to make a difference somehow. I always wanted to run my own business too. I didn’t know how though? That bit was the journey … and I certainly hadn’t heard of Numerology when I first set out on that self development journey searching for enlightenment.

“Wow! I am blown away by your reading yesterday. Every single thing you said made perfect sense and was me to a tea! You have inspired and motivated me to move forward with my business that I have been ‘stuck’ with for nearly 2 years because of my low self esteem and not believing in myself”, Kelley M.

Your recorded Numerology session, over an hour long, and directly delivered to your in-box, will show you how to build those easy steps to happiness folks so you can ‘grow better’ in life.

Ps: You can also book a face-to-face reading with me at The Garden, Frankston, Melbourne. Details here:

The Garden Frankston

What I Do


Online and webinar courses plus face-to-face for beginners in Numerology. Online courses are self paced, user friendly, and easy to understand. There are no pre-requisites for this course. Numerology was founded by a Mathematician but you don’t need to be one to do this course. You are guided through one step at a time.

I found so much wisdom through this modality for life improvement. I found out why I kept attracting the same re-occurring themes and similar types of people and experiences. I also discovered what my ongoing challenges were and how to avoid and overcome them.

I have been honoured to share this with my clients & students over the past 14 years, since I took my first step many years ago and began to study this ancient art of numbers called NUMEROLOGY.

What I Do


Numerology Coaching Club is for members only. It’s a private space. A learning environment.

You learn:

  • How to create your own Numerology Profile,
  • How to thrive in the 9-key areas of life,
  • How to develop self understanding, self awareness, self appreciation,
  • How to self improve and improve your mind, body, soul.

Every week, every month, new tools are uploaded just for you.

  • Numerology tools,
  • Positive mind & healing tools,
  • Stress management & relaxation tools,

Plus so many self discovery & life changing tools like dream analysis, hand analysis, tarot, etc.
All these tools and modalities designed to help you do better, have better, and be better in life.

This a unique club ladies.

Our club.

And we would love to have you on board with us.


Our Wellness Community is a collaboration of wellness that inspires, informs, illuminates, and initiates profound change in all who participate in it – those who join our group, those who contribute and those who attend our Evenings and/or Events. In our wellness community everyone grows better and everyone leaves our presence with the gift of being more aligned with the very best version of themselves they can be.

Join us.


Our Wellness Community
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Our Wellness Community Mission Statement: Our aim is to promote a community of wellness that inspires, informs, illuminates, and initiates profound ch...

Wine & Wellness Events

An space for women to gather, and bring a BF along to create some new and novel memories between you.

? Complimentary glass of wine on arrival,

? Cheese platters & light refreshments,

? Personal Readings,

? Inspirational Speakers,

? Healing demonstrations…

Wellness in mind, body, heart & soul.

I have just finished listening to my numerology reading that you did for me. I found the reading amazing and it all resonates so well with me and I feel that it’s just so spot on.I feel like I have just been given most of the answers that I have been searching for for so long, I feel relieved that I know what my next step is, and I can’t thank you enough for the guidance you gave me and I really can’t wait to learn so much from you Michele 🙂

Kerry Anne